Reese Hitch Light Tower

On the go LIGHTS when you need them

These extendable light towers easily install and plug into your Reese Hitch of your truck or SUV!

The lights produce anywhere from 22,000 lumens up to 242,000 lumens. Utilizing our light towers negates the need for generators or fuel. Our Welding Rig Lights draw power from the welder's low-voltage so you don’t have to leave the rig running. The solar-powered light plants can run 60 hours on a full charge. There are quick charging options that can manually (vs. solar) recharge a light plant within 4 hours.

Sturdy, Maintenance-Free Construction

All of our units are made with Aluminum (tig welded for strength and a clean look) and Stainless Steel hardware to ensure a long life in the toughest environments. The lights are CREE LED’s (50,000+ hour Lifespan), aluminum housings, vibration, and shock-resistant circuitry, and can be totally submerged in water while lit.

Flexible Deployment Options

The tower can be used on our mobile solar-powered trailers or our interior mobile cart or slide it into any 2” hitch on your vehicle or mount it to your welding rig,.

Pushcart solutions for mobility and convenience

Also available are our pushcarts that you can take the Reese Hitch tower from your vehicle and put on these carts! Nice for around the shop or driveway!

Jobsite Lighting

The telescoping light towers were designed for long-term outdoor exposure in harsh environments. The towers are comprised of aluminum, stainless steel hardware, and UHMW guides.

The standard unit includes 4 Aluminum body LED lights that produce 22,000 lumens of true white light and a 50,000-hour life span. Rated IP68 and custom-designed to withstand shock and vibration.

The tower can be installed in the bed of a rig or in the Reese Hitch. The Reese Hitch adapter tilts down so the tailgate can be fully opened and has an anti-sway mechanism in the Reese adaptor.

Power is derived from the 7 or 4-way plug or can be wired direct

Construction Cam truck mounted with a tall four head LED reese hitch light tower and another light tower on the ground next to the truck

Perfect for

  • Construction Work
  • City Municipalities
  • Towing & Recovery
  • Pipelining Work
  • First Responders
  • Policing Service
  • Outdoor Enthusiasts
  • Event Planners

Still not quite sure of your lighting needs? We’re here to help. We have customized models for any lighting application. Contact us to get started!

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With Our Quality-Driven, American-Made Light Towers, We Know That Whatever The Job, We Are Lighting The Way For Our Happy Customers.

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