Custom Built Camera & Light Trailers

Our Custom Construction Camera & Light Trailers can be designed for any construction site need. Because they are solar-powered and completely mobile – you eliminate the delay, coordination, and costs that can be required for traditional power and communication sources.

The mobility and ease of setup enables you to move the trailers throughout the project if needed or transfer to another project.

The Construction Camera Trailers can be fitted with cameras that deliver LIVE FULL MOTION Video (not a still image taken minutes before that you pan / zoom around on) , onsite weather, GPS, night vision, LED Lights (more here), Wi-Fi Hotspot, repeaters and time-lapse videos.

The ConstructionCam Mobile Construction Trailer is a totally self contained mobile trailer including solar / wind power, wireless, and with a 25, 35, or 45 foot telescoping tower. The setup of the trailer literally takes less than 5 minutes start to LIVE on the Internet.

The ConstructionCam Construction Camera & Light Trailer options include:

  • Solar-Powered – no external power needed
  • Extended 25′, 35′, or 45′ Towers
  • HD Cameras (live full motion video)
  • LED Lights/Remote controlled flood lights
  • Motion sensing
  • Traffic Monitoring and Logging
  • Night vision
  • Two way audio
  • Onsite weather system and logger
  • Voice Over IP services
  • Wireless Access Points for mobile internet users
  • Hotspot / Wi-Fi
  • Repeaters
  • Power generation for small office trailers, hand tools, and lights
  • Live event broadcasting
  • Large flat panel LED displays for local events
  • Large remote controlled LED signage for marketing purposes
  • Traffic speed detection, display
  • Custom logos
  • Custom design / build
  • Available for purchase or lease

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