Custom Built Camera & Light Trailers

designed for any construction site need

solar-powered and completely mobile

Eliminate the delay, coordination, and costs that can be required for traditional power and communication sources.

Camera & Light Trailer options include:

  • Solar-Powered – no external power needed
  • HD Cameras (live full-motion video)
  • LED Lights/Remote controlled floodlights
  • Motion sensing
  • Night vision
  • Custom logos
  • Custom design/build
  • Available for purchase or lease
Construction Cam compact portable three panel solar light tower with cameras

Simple, Rapid Deployment

The mobility and ease of setup enables you to move the trailers throughout the project if needed or transfer to another project.


The Construction Camera Trailers can be fitted with cameras that deliver LIVE FULL MOTION Video (not a still image taken minutes before that you pan/zoom around on), onsite weather, GPS, night vision, LED Lights, Wi-Fi Hotspot, repeaters, and time-lapse videos.

totally self contained

The ConstructionCam Mobile Construction Trailer is a totally self contained mobile trailer including solar / wind power, wireless, and with a 25, 35, or 45 foot telescoping tower. The setup of the trailer literally takes less than 5 minutes start to LIVE on the Internet.

Time lapse Videos for job sites and production

ConstructionCam mobile trailers and static cameras are all equipped with the ability to produce time-lapse videos. Time-lapse videos can be totally customized for marketing, client gifts, progress meetings, or archival purposes. We can integrate this into your website or make distributable media.

Our browser-based software solutions eliminate the need for multiple apps

There are no apps to install on any device. The entire interface is browser-based.

Secure Login with unique user permissions

Secure Login with different rights per user: view camera live only / view camera & control / view archives / view recordings / view special links.


Monitor real-time progress

Monitor progress by simply navigating to your live feed and it will automatically update to the latest image taken. Great for use in the lobby, project manager's office, or board room.

Monitor from multiple angles

Adjust your live feed to whatever angle you'd like and it will auto-update as progress is made.



Click anywhere in the window to change the angle. Use your mouse roller to zoom in / out. On a phone or tablet, you would tap anywhere on the screen to move the camera and use your fingers to pinch/pull to zoom in/out.


View all of your projects live in one window. Click on any project to make it full screen or to control the camera. Great for a Project Management or Marketing display in a lobby or conference room.


View Archived Images

Reference any archived images quickly and easily. Simply click on any image to open it full screen. Use mobile gestures (pinch/pull) to zoom in and move around the image.

Compare two images together

Monitor progress via image comparison. Select two images shown in the archive to see them side by side


Generate time-lapses and zip archives

Generate and time-lapse videos or zip archives.  From our interface, you can then download them or simply email a link to your co-workers.

Store your project documents, images and videos all in one place

Upload other files such as PDF files, manual pictures people take, etc. to folders within the site for easy sharing.


Video Motion Detection & Alerts

Review online any video motion that was detected and recorded. Receive email & text messages via phone of motion when it’s detected and go online to view live camera and recorded video.

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