Aerial Photography


The Original Premier Northwest Indiana Aerial Photography Service. We provide services in Northwest Indiana and Surrounding areas. Aerial Photography Drones provide affordable aerial photography, agricultural mapping, virtual tours, and HD aerial video.

We service many industries including commercial and residential real estate, construction, roof inspectors, radio tower inspectors, bridge inspectors, agricultural, movie/commercial production. We also serve anyone in need of high-quality aerial drone photos, video, and media.

Residential Realtors know that aerial photos help distinguish their listings.  A great aerial image helps sell the property faster giving the seller and agent more profit.  Our aerial photos highlight the features of a property. Realtors have come to count on us to provide images that get their listings noticed and SOLD!

Our ConstructionCam Aerial Photography Team takes the time to understand the layout of the property and shoot the photographs when the sun is in the ideal position. For example, a house that faces east needs to be photographed in the morning. If you also want to see sunlit views of the back of the house, we will fly again in the afternoon to capture additional images.

There are times when we can showcase a house in one view. However, we take a variety of aerial photos and videos to market your properties – higher views to show the neighborhood and lower close-up views to show a home’s details. ConstructionCam Aerial Photography’s images have proven to help Realtors sell homes faster. It doesn’t take a seller long to figure out that every day a home sits on the market is costly. High quality custom aerials from ConstructionCam can actually save a seller money by getting the home sold faster than it otherwise would.  The aerials literally pay for themselves!

Commercial Realtors know that aerial photos set their properties apart and showcase the local amenities. Also, they show property conditions, anchor tenants, marquee signage, out lots, traffic flow, ease of access, roof conditions and outdoor awnings, and many other factors that make up a valuable commercial property.

Construction Companies use ConstructionCam Aerial Photography to showcase their construction projects as well as display current jobsite / project status to contractors, owners, and investors.

Golf Courses can showcase their most challenging holes by having ConstructionCam Aerial Photography create aerial photos as well as fly-through videos.  ConstructionCam is currently in the process of creating, which will showcase Golf Courses all around the world.

Farmers can use ConstructionCam Aerial Photography services to save money and conserve water/resources by flying drones over their fields to measure crop density, growth and many other factors. Why does this work? Because drones are able to see things that are not as obvious from the traditional line-of-sight on the ground.  We send up drones over a field, fly over to capture photo, infrared and other data.  The data is then transformed into maps showing where the crops are thriving and where they are not.

By using remote operated Aerial Photography Drones the cost becomes very reasonable when compared to photography taken from full-sized aircraft because we are able to operate at a fraction of the cost of a helicopter or airplane, produce the same high quality photos, and we can get much closer to structures and in tight places.

We offer standard and advanced photo and video editing services. We can work with your marketing team(s) to get your cutting edge videos published on your website(s) and Social Media.  We can touch-up your photos by enhancing the images digitally during the post-production process.

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