Jobsite Management

Custom Jobsite Camera Trailers, Lights, and Aerial Video/Photography

Highway Construction Portable Camera Light Trailer 3 Reese Hitch Light Tower Construction Custom Build

Jobsite Security Remote Controlled Light Tower Trailer Hard Mounted Camera

At ConstructionCam we offer many levels of Jobsite Management, Security, and Surveillance.

We will integrate a combination of technologies on any given job site to solve your Construction Camera and Lighting needs. We handle the entire process from Site Evaluation to Internet Access to Live Monitoring. We offer technical services such as Web Hosting, Installation, Time-lapse Videos, Aerial Drone Photography, Mobile Light Plants, Solar Light Plants, Custom Video Production, Database Driven DVD Archives and Website Creation. We do not subscribe to the “cookie cutter” approach. Every job site is evaluated for it’s specific needs.

Mobile Custom Trailers

Custom Video Production

High Definition (HD) Cameras

LED Light Towers

Reese Hitch Light Towers

Time-Lapse Videos

Everything we offer is completely customizable and built in the USA. For more information please Contact Us @ 877-CAM-1082.

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